About Us

Hello there,

We are Cub Rocks, the new cool kids on the block!

A Nottinghamshire based, fun loving small team that are fuelled by the outdoors, our four-legged friends, laughing children and Greggs doughnuts. Not to mention, doing our bit to help save the planet.

Having collectively worked in the textiles industry for years, we knew there was a need for a great product, at a great price. We set our mission to create socks that are suitable for all adults & kids, that go the miles and are sustainable too.

Did you know that roughly 350,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill every year and we think that is just not cool! With that in mind, we have created a simple school selection alongside a fun lifestyle range that, once outgrown, can be passed on from brother, sister, best friend, neighbour…you get the jist.

We’ve focused on using the best materials around, to not only support the environment but to ensure the best quality too. You can read more about this on our sustainability page.

We love these socks, our kids love these socks … and we hope you do too!