Giving Back

When we first started working on the concept for Cub Rocks we knew we wanted to build a business that contributed. Not only to the people who worked in our business, but also the wider community. As a small team that love the outdoors, planting trees seemed a natural fit. In May 2022 we pledged that a certain portion of our profits would be donated to the Woodland Trust.

The reality is, as a young business profits are slim. We essentially need to reinvest profits in our business to secure its future. Consequently we are left feeling our pledge to donate profits to the Woodland Trust is a bit of a pipe dream. We want to be authentic…. greenwashing drives us mad – and this certainly was not our intention. We have thought long and hard and understand we are still able to contribute to our community, but not how we originally thought. As of October 2022 we are rewriting our give back pledge. We make socks…. loads of socks, so for each Cub Rocks product sold we will donate.
You buy-one, we give-one.
Our plan is to donate our products via Charities, Food Banks, Churches & Not-for Profit Organisations.